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RQ Communications helps our customers turn their surplus telecom equipment into a WORKING ASSET. Many companies have closets and storage areas filled with telecom equipment that use valuable space and are an untapped resource for additional income. Why let technology dictate the value of your investment and product life cycle?  Let us help you stretch your investment.

RQ Communications buys used and refurbished telephone equipment and networking equipment including: telephone systems, telephone sets, line cards, cables, and complete system configurations. To put your old telecom equipment to work for you and to find out a complete line of products that we purchase, contact us at 415.437.4602 or via email at purchasing@rqcommunications.com

On top of turning surplus equipment into a WORKING ASSET, our RQ Green Initiative helps keep tens of thousands of pounds of plastic, metals, cables and chemicals out of landfills by extending the life cycle of used telecom equipment.

We Buy and Sell Nortel, Cisco, Avaya and Shoretel Telecommunications Equipment